Cannabis and Alcohol Impairment Detection Lab

New England’s Drug Problem Endangers the Roadways

New England is undergoing a drug abuse epidemic. Drug overdoses are occurring at alarming rates, Prescription drug per capita rate remains high, traffic fatalities have increased to their highest levels in almost a decade, and all this while recreational marijuana has become legal in Maine, Massachusetts, and likely soon to follow suit in Vermont. 

The curriculum includes:

· An in-depth discussion about cannabis including its different forms and its legal status

· A suggested modified SFST protocol for cannabis and alcohol

· cannabis impaired driving investigation techniques

· chemical testing issues in impaired driving investigations

· case law updates


Cannabis and Alcohol Lab 

In compliance with state marijuana possession laws, we present a mixed impairment lab for officers to practice impairment detection skills on volunteers dosed with known amounts of alcohol, cannabis, or a mixture of both. This is designed to provide the attendees with a gauge of the reliability of their detection skills. The lab is run by civilian instructors. Attendees are not exposed to marijuana (or any drug) during training.                                                   

September 13, 2019 0800-1630


Dirigo Safety, LLC

225 First Flight Drive, Suite 202

Auburn, ME

$175  With Lunch Provided