10.01 MLEAP 2022: Searching and Transporting a Detainee

by | Jan 1, 2022

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MLEAP Level 2 Training: 10.01 Searching and Transport                                                                             

The Agency has a written directive addressing searching and transporting a detainee before being transported. The written directive includes at a minimum:

Course Description

The transportation of detainees must be conducted in a manner that provides for the safety of the officer, the detainee, and the public. Officers must understand the safe and constitutional procedures for transporting and searching detainees.

Performance Objectives

  1. Different types of searches
  2. How to properly conduct a thorough search of a detainee and searches of the transporting vehicle before and after the transport,
  3. Safe transport of detainees.
  4. Methods or actions for transporting sick, injured, or disabled detainees.
  5. The proper use of any restraining devices.
  6. Monitoring of the detainee to avoid medical difficulties.
  7. Understanding the roles of officers and supervisors in the event of an escape.