7.02 MLEAP: Arrests With a Warrant

by | Nov 4, 2021

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MLEAP Standard 7.02 Arrests with a Warrant
The agency trains appropriate personnel on how to obtain and serve arrest warrants pursuant to applicable law or rule.

Course Descriptions:

This class is an overview of how to obtain an arrest warrant and serve it to an individual on the warrant.

Performance Objectives:

  1. What is an arrest warrant
  2. Who may issue an arrest warrant
  4. Where warrants are ELECTRONICALLY held
  5. What information must be contained in an arrest warrant
  6. What is required for an arrest warrant to be entered into NCIC
  7. When an arrest warrant is required to be removed from the electronic system.
  8. Requirements executing an arrest warrant.
  9. Understanding a “Temporary Arrest Warrant”