This 4-hour introductory class provides an overview of alcohol and trending drugs of abuse; the dangers they present to individuals, schools, and in the workplace; and suggested counter- strategies. Participants also gain an overview of:

  • The current most dangerous drugs of abuse trending on the national level.
  • Recognizing evidence of use and abuse in the workplace such as paraphernalia, vapes, juuling and other drug accoutrements. 
  • The general signs and symptoms of impairment and abuse of impairing drugs. 
  • An overview of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Maine. 
  • Signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug overdose. 
  • An overview of Narcan. What it is; how it works; where to get it; and how to use it. 
  • Information on public and private resources for getting addition help.
  • The application of company policy (where appropriate). 

Cost: $75 pp, 10 person minimum

Advanced drug impairment overview


Workplace Qualified Observer Training 

This is an eight-hour class designed to help train workplace supervisors to recognize, identify and understand the signs of impairment related to alcohol, drugs or a combination of both, within the civilian workplace. 

Participants will receive:

  • All instruction included with the Introductory Drug Awareness Training 
  • Specific indications, signs, and symptoms of impairment for each of the seven categories of impairing drugs. 
  • Video examples of drug impairment in each category.]  
  •  Focused instruction of how legalized recreational marijuana may affects workplace safety. 
  •  Instruction and practice using the “OID” strategy of workplace drug impairment observation. Participants will learn and practice observing certain workplace behaviors; learn and practice how to inquire with workers about unusual behavior; and learn and practice how to document such observations using OID documentation sheets.
  • Overview of chemical testing for drug presence.   

This course costs $150 per student, with a 10-student minimum.