Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) **FREE**

This free training is open to any police department interested in   EUDL investigation strategies and updated training with preference given to   agencies currently under contract with Dirigo Safety, LLC’s Enforcement of   Underage drinking law (EUDL) grant. 

Topics: MOU   Basics; Reviewing Compliance Checks; Attacking Underage Drinking; Civil and   Criminal Law Concerns; Source Investigations, Enforcement Detail Protocols;   Fake ID detection; and a round table discussion of best practices. 


Larry Sanborn of BABLO and Frank Lyons (former DPS Bureau of Liquor Enforcement officer). 

Additionally, Scot Mattox will present information on the current EUDL Grants administered by Dirigo Safety, LLC through DHHS. This training is free and is sponsored under a grant from the Maine Center of Disease Control and Prevention.                               

April 23, 2019 0800-1600


Lincoln County Sheriff's Office

52 Bath Road

Wiscasset, ME

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April 26, 2019 0800-1600


Dirigo Safety, LLC

225 First Flight Drive, Suite 202

Auburn, ME

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June 4, 2019 0800-1600


Caribou Police Department

25 High Street

Caribou, ME

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EUDL Training Flyer 4/23 (pdf)


EUDL Training Flyer 4/26 (pdf)


EUDL Training Flyer 6/5 (pdf)



Dirigo Safety, LLC understands that there are times when you must miss your scheduled training class due to emergencies, work schedule conflicts, or personal reasons. However, when you do not call or email us to cancel you from our training class you may be preventing other officers from being able to sign up.  If you’re scheduled for a training and do not make the class with no phone call or email to Dirigo Safety, LLC your department will be charged for the training class. 

You may call us at (207) 376-7427 or email