Interim Chief of Police Services

What is an Interim Chief of Police?

An interim Chief of Police is a temporary position appointed to fill the vacancy between the departure of a permanent Chief of Police and the appointment of a succeeding permanent Chief of Police. The vacancy may be a planned or unplanned retirement, termination, illness, death, or administrative action. A municipality may designate an individual to fill the vacancy as interim chief of police to ensure the agency is appropriately led and managed until a permanent Police Chief is hired. Generally, the interim Chief of Police is a retired Chief of Police.

The interim Chief of Police typically reports directly to, and serves under the guidance of, the municipalities Town Manager and/or elected officials. The objective of having an interim Chief of Police is to provide an experienced law enforcement administrator to manage the day to day operations of the department.

At Dirigo Safety LLC., we can provide Interim Chief of Police Services with an experienced retired Chief of Police who has over 36 years in Law Enforcement. Municipalities interested in discussing this service please contact Executive Vice President Shawn O’Leary a or 207-751-2639. A copy of the individual’s resume and qualifications will be provided upon a request from a municipality.

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