Policy # Policy Title
A-1 Code of Conduct (MLEAP)
A-2 Complaints Against Law Enforcement Personnel (M) (MLEAP)
A-3 Giglio Information
A-4 Agency Firearms (MLEAP)
A-5 Public Access To Records (M) (MLEAP)
A-6 Performance Evaluation System
A-7 Hazard Communications Program (BOL)
A-8 Emergency Action Plan (BOL)
A-9 Personal Protective Equipment (BOL)
A-10 Uniform and Appearance (MLEAP)
A-11 Serious Illness/Injury or Line of Duty Death
A-12 Deadly Force Incident Procedures (MLEAP)
A-13 Employee Recognition
A-14 Chain of Command (MLEAP)
A-15 Maintenance & Accountability of Property & Equipment
A-16 Confidentiality
A-17 Hiring & Selection of Personnel (MLEAP)
A-18 Department Equipment Inventory
A-19 Secondary Employment (MLEAP)
A-20 Reserve Program (MLEAP)
A-21 Law Enforcement Role and Authority (MLEAP)
A-22 Employee Harassment (MLEAP)
A-23 Awards and Recognition
A-24 Written Directives (MLEAP)
A-25 Fiscal Management (MLEAP)
A-26 Officer-in-Charge (OIC)
A-27 Arrest Authority and Procedures (MLEAP)
A-28 Field Training & Evaluation Program (MLEAP)
A-29 News Media Access (MLEAP)
A-30 Critical Incident Stress Management
A-31 Employee Discipline (MLEAP)
A-32 Social Media, Personal Blogs and Websites
A-33 Promotional Process (MLEAP)


Policy # Policy Title
Civilian Employee Code of Ethics
Law Enforcement Code of Ethics
(M) Mandatory Policy
(BOL) Bureau of Labor Policy
(MLEAP) Maine Law Enforcement Accreditation Program


Policy # Policy Title
O-1 Sobriety Check Point
O-2 Use of Force (M)
O-3 Preliminary Investigations (MLEAP)
O-4 Recording of Suspects in Serious Crimes & Prevention of Notes & Records (M)
O-5 Ride Along Program
O-6 Property & Evidence Control (MLEAP)
O-7 Transporting Prisoners (MLEAP)
O-8 Blood Borne Pathogens (BOL)
O-9 Barricaded / Hostage Situation (M) (MLEAP)
O-10 Domestic Violence Investigations (M) (MLEAP)
O-11 Operations of Police Vehicles (M) (MLEAP)
O-12 Response to Mental Illness & Involuntary Commitment (M)
O-13 Sexual Offender Community Notification (M)
O-14 Death Investigations (M)
O-15 Missing Person (MLEAP)
O-16 Use of TASER (M)
O-17 Warrantless Search & Seizure (MLEAP)
O-18 Response to an Active Shooter
0-19 Patrol Vehicle Audio / Video Recording (MLEAP)
O-20 Bias-Based Profiling (M) (MLEAP)
O-21 Use of Nasal Naloxone
O-22 Traffic Law Enforcement (MLEAP)
O-23 Eyewitness Identification (MLEAP)
O-24 Search Warrants (MLEAP)
O-25 Traffic Accident Investigation (MLEAP)
O-26 Bomb Incident Management: Threats, Explosive Devices, Detonations & Suspicious Packages (MLEAP)
O-27 Cooperating Individuals / Informants (MLEAP)
O-28 Intelligence Policy
O-29 Phlebotomy Technicians for Impaired Driving
O-30 Use of Mobile Electronic Communication Devices
O-31 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Use for Law Enforcement (M)
O-32 Response to Alarms (MLEAP)
O-33 Body Worn Camera Use (MLEAP)
O-34 K9 Use for School Searches
O-35 K-9 Operations
O-36 Underage Drinking
O-37 Towing of Motor Vehicles
O-38 Vehicle Inventory
O-39 Motorcycle Patrol Unit
O-40 Patrol Operations (MLEAP)
O-41 Traffic Law Enforcement (MLEAP)
O-42 Police Mountain Bike Operations