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One of the most critical decisions any Public Safety Executive will ever make will be promoting the right individual. It is a significant, time-consuming decision and involves the future of not only their agency but their community. At Dirigo Safety, we understand that some agencies need outside assistance from professionals with senior executive experience that are subject matter experts. Dirigo Safety is here to minimize your work while maximizing your needs.

At Dirigo Safety LLC., we understand that every agency is different; therefore, every promotional process is different. Our commitment to you is to understand the “wants” and “needs” of each agency and then tailor the means to meet their specific needs and expectations.

Written Exam

The questions developed by Dirigo Safety LLC., are straightforward and most importantly relevant to Maine. Our questions consist of the State of Maine mandatory policies, agency-specific policies, Maine Criminal and Traffic Law, and segments from the Maine Law Enforcement Manual.

Panel Interview

Candidates will be asked and respond to questions in an interview format. The items will be structured so that all candidates are asked the same questions and will be scored against the same criteria. Candidates must describe their education, training, and experience and explain how those accomplishments have prepared them for the target rank. This can also be combined with an interview in which the scoring panel can ask the candidate follow-up questions regarding his or her accomplishments.

Assessment Center

Dirigo’s Safety Promotion Assessment Center is an exceptional instrument designed to scrutinize each promotion candidate’s effective leadership and managerial expertise. Evaluation panels are comprised of senior executive and first-line supervisory staff that are subject experts. They are trained to analyze communication skills, problem-solving ability, decision-making style, and department operational knowledge to assess each candidate’s leadership qualities. Multiple customized scenarios, drawn from department operation procedures include the following.

  • Critical Incidents – Candidates must respond appropriately to an emergency. These situations are customized to be relevant and realistic for the department. These exercises can be administered live with role players, can be simulated using video, or can be in question/answer format.
  • Role Play Exercise – Candidates must respond appropriately to a situation in which they must interact with one or more people on a wide range of topics. These exercises are designed in the form of an interactive role-play with a subordinate, supervisor, citizen or other person or group.
  • Leadership Exercise – Candidates are presented with a department issue. They meet with a group of officers, supervisors, or command staff and give their vision and expectations.
  • In-Basket – Candidates must respond appropriately to multiple items that would typically be found in the In-Basket of a person at the target rank. These items are customized to your department and are based on your department’s current issues. Topics include emails, memos, department forms and reports, letters from citizens, and many other ideas.

Dirigo Safety prices are reasonable as we understand that municipal budgets are tight.
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Professional Services Team

Shawn O’Leary

Shawn O’Leary is our Senior Executive Consultant - He oversees our Policy Development Services, Online Training Programs for Maine Law Enforcement agencies, product development for private organizations and law enforcement agencies and is one of our core instructors at Dirigo Safety


Bob Schwartz

Bob Schwartz recently retired as the Executive Director of the Maine Chief of Police Association’s, where he managed day-to-day operations of the association. His duties included coordinating a membership of 350+, including Maine’s Chiefs and Sheriffs