Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) **FREE**

This free training is open to any police department interested in EUDL investigation strategies and updated training with preference given to   agencies currently under contract with Dirigo Safety, LLC’s Enforcement of Underage drinking law (EUDL) grant. 

Topics: MOU Basics; Reviewing Compliance Checks; Attacking Underage Drinking; Civil and   Criminal Law Concerns; Source Investigations, Enforcement Detail Protocols;   Fake ID detection; and a round table discussion of best practices. 

Instructors: Larry Sanborn of BABLO and Frank Lyons (former DPS Bureau of Liquor Enforcement officer). 

Additionally, Scot Mattox will present information on the current EUDL Grants administered by Dirigo Safety, LLC through DHHS. This training is free and is sponsored under a grant from the Maine Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

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