Forensic Video Analysis for Use of Force Cases

The use of force is inevitable in police work. In some situations, the lives of officers or civilians are endangered by not using force when necessary or by using it improperly.

Many components are considered in a use of force related incident and the subsequent investigation. Here, the student will learn to properly articulate a defensible use of force report, testify in use of force cases, and gain a better understanding of human response timing and biomechanics. Additionally, students will learn how to best review and analyze videos capturing a use of force incident.

Understanding force dynamics of both deadly and non-deadly encounters begins before the incident takes place. This training prepares officer(s) for federal and agency expectation to “get it right”. Additionally, supervisors will gain an understanding of their roles when responding to and approving use of force incidents; including internal affairs review of cases.

  • Investigation of a use of force incident 
  • Video analysis for the Use of Force investigator
  • Strategies for minimizing liability
  • Writing an effective use of force report and avoiding errors
  • The difference between an incident report and a use of force report
  • Tactics for effectively justifying force to  jurors
  • Techniques for managing witness perceptions
  • Properly testifying in depositions and civil trials
  • Supervisory response to a use of force incident and supervisory obligations when approving a case involving a use of force
  • Constitutional restrictions on police and corrections involving use of force
  • The importance of photographing officer and suspect/inmate injuries
  • Use of Force Incidents Captured on Video (explaining them using science and video analysis). Video Credibility (Dash Cam, Body Cam or 3rd Party cam)
  • Neural Response timing and Biomechanics
  • Memory under pressure and vision concerns 
  • Awful but Lawful Theory (Strong but Wrong)
  • Preparing for a “Media Storm” after a deadly force incident.

Course Instructors: Captain Haley Fleming, Winslow PD: MCJA MARC Instructor, Interactive Use of Force Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, graduate of Force Science Institute, and subject of a successfully defended Federal 1983 action.

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