Media Relations 101

Media Relations 101



Given the current climate in the country involving police-media relations, this unique course may involve the most relevant, timely and valuable training you will ever receive. The media wields an enormous amount of influence on how communities perceive law enforcement. This hands-on, practical training helps Law Enforcement communicate more effectively with the media and the community.

The course provides participants with practical experience and strategies on how to effectively communicate on-camera in preparation of press conferences, media interviews and public speaking events.

This course will help you not only develop and refine your communication skills, but also leave you with a better understanding of the needs of the media. Learn how to maintain control and manage media interviews, press conferences and public speaking events through focused preparation, powerful messaging and confident delivery.

• Understanding the Media

• Building a critical relationship with the media

• How to develop a proactive marketing strategy for your organization

• Managing media interviews press conferences and public speaking events

• Managing the media during significant events

• Preparation strategies for effective communication

• Identifying individual communication styles

• Developing messaging strategies

• Keeping your media message on track

• Practical exercises involving on-camera coaching and assessment

• Discussion of participant issues or local challenges with the press.

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