On-Site Risk Assessment for Schools

We are trained retired public safety professionals with over six decades of experience protecting and serving our community. Our experience, training, and education far exceed national standards in advance training, security, law enforcement operations/management, and internal/external compliance are to be met. Everyone at Team Dirigo goes above and beyond the client’s expectations. That is why we consider clients partners, not just customers!

During the assessment, Dirigo Safety will meet with key personnel from each school to discuss specific threat and vulnerability concerns. Following campus-based interviews, team members will conduct an internal/external security/safety assessment and assessments of the school climate on campus. During the evaluation, key factors will be examined to ascertain their direct impact on the educational mission, student and staff safety, school climate, student bullying, school attendance, and overall campus security.

The Assessment will include comprehensive evaluations of the following areas.

  • Emergency Plans and Policies related to the following.
    • Bomb Threat or Suspicious Package
    • Fire or Explosion
    • Hazardous materials release
    • Infectious disease outbreak
    • Medical emergency
    • Hostile Situation
    • Severe Weather
  • Lockdown, Evacuation, and Reunification Plans
  • Emergency Management Response Team
  • Security Operational Plans
  • Relationship with First Responders
  • Areas of Threat and Vulnerability
  • Security of all Buildings and Grounds
  • Staff Readiness
  • Training and Preparedness
    • Active Threat Response
    • Media Relations
    • Incident Command Roles
    • De-Escalation Techniques
  • Crisis Exercises and Drills
  • Prevalence of Bullying, Hazing, and Harassment
  • Culture and Climate of Students, Staff, and Parents
  • Emerging School Safety Threats

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