Tactical Movement, Trauma First Aid and the Fourth Amendment


Tactical Movement, Trauma First Aid, and the Fourth Amendment

A Two-Day Course in Deadly Force Encounters for Law Enforcement Officers

Course Participants will:

· Review the current laws regarding the Use of Force; the Attorney General’s investigative process for the Use of Deadly Force; and the potential criminal and civil consequences of the use of deadly force.

· Learn lifesaving medical actions including hands-on training for hemorrhage control, tourniquet application, airway control techniques and relevant indicators for shock.

· Learn basic tactical movement techniques developed by SWAT teams. Officers learn firsthand the team concept approach to successfully clear different structures. Officers will be taught techniques that can be employed individually or in teams. 

Topics discussed include: 

weapon management, building approach and search techniques, room softening and room clearing, and negotiating danger areas such as stairwells, doorways, hallways, and basements. The tactics and techniques learned should be applied in everyday police work.  This course builds upon basic training received in police academies and is invaluable to officer survival. Strong emphasis will be placed on covering angles, maintaining 360-degree security, tactics, communications, basic team leader development, and teamwork.  This course is strongly recommended as annual refresher training to maintain basic skill proficiency for security, police, and military personnel. 

 Course Instructors: Peter Joyce of SRT Concepts, LLC, co-founder of the Portland Police Department’s Special Reaction Team; Michael Cunniff, Esq. a lawyer experienced in critical incidents involving law enforcement uses of deadly force, internal affairs matters, and the defense of civil rights cases brought against public officials; Scot Mattox, Esq. Former Portland Police Department Internal Affairs Sergeant; and Paramedic Instructor, Dan Thompson of Tactical Services; LLC.

Cost: $249 



Dirigo Safety, LLC understands that there are times when you must miss your scheduled training class due to emergencies, work schedule conflicts, or personal reasons. However, when you do not call or email us to cancel you from our training class you may be preventing other officers from being able to sign up. If you do not contact us prior to the start of the class, you will be charged. 

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