Emma Solorzano

Administrative Assistant

Emma Solorzano is the Administrative Assistant for Dirigo Safety. Coming from a large military/law enforcement family, Emma was inspired to join this field in helping her community. Shortly after graduating high school Emma moved to Germany for 18 months, when she returned, she quickly joined the Kennebec DA’s Office as a Diversion Coordinator before coming over to Dirigo Safety.  


Emma joined Dirigo Safety in 2023, as the Administrative Assistant helping in the Policy Development Department, Accreditation Department and Human Resources Department. Emma’s father has been a law enforcement officer for 15 years, Emma saw this opportunity to contribute to helping support police departments in the State of Maine to have the best policies Dirigo Safety has to offer. 


Emma’s passions lie with the mental health and victim services field. Emma was a part of a support group for women who have gone through domestic violence that focused on how to live their lives after leaving. One of Emma’s favorite quotes is from the Bible, Romans 8:18 ‘The pain you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming.”

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