Kaysie Dostie

Special Projects Coordinator

Kaysie initiated her career path by pursuing coursework in Justice Studies and Forensics. She brings a wealth of experience from her previous role as an Information Specialist at Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, where she dedicated eight years addressing phone calls, emails, Facebook messages, and in-person inquiries. Working closely with the warden service, Kaysie provided invaluable support to Corporals, Lieutenants, and various other team members, earning her the nickname “the walking law book”. Additionally, she is recognized as “the Department Doggy Daycare” a title she continues to hold.

In her leisure time, Kaysie enjoys quality moments with her boyfriend, John, and her dogs Xander and Mowgli. She is also the proud owner of two cats, Mookie and Sebago. Outside of work Kaysie indulges in activities such as camping, bowling, horseshoes, disc golf, and dog sitting.

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