Anticipating Defenses in Motor Vehicle Crash Cases with John Kwasnoski


This one-day offering will give participants an opportunity to review and evaluate
more than a dozen written impaired driving crash reconstruction reports, with a focus on
what an attack point might be. Discussion of each case will include technical background
and how the State might defeat many of the attacks by additional investigation and trial
preparation. Participants will include law enforcement officers and prosecutors.

General agenda:
− Why are MV crash cases so difficult to prosecute?
− Examining the value of eyewitnesses, and how to improve witness statements
− Case studies: evaluation of potential defense attacks and discussion
− Cross-examining the defense collision reconstruction expert
− Investigation reminders

About the Presenter: John Kwasnoski is Professor Emeritus of Forensic Physics at Western New England University, after thirty-one years on the faculty. He is one of the
most sought-after accident reconstructionists and police-prosecutor trainers in the country. He has served as an expert in several cases of national significance co-authored
best-selling books, including The Handbook of Collision Reconstruction, Courtroom Success: Being an Effective Witness, Kwasnoski’s Little Red Book. He has written more
than seventy articles and lectured extensively on the subjects of “Collision Reconstruction” and “Effective Courtroom Testifying.”

Upcoming Class Dates

Dec 4: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Dirigo Safety LLC
95 Main Street 3rd Floor
Auburn, ME, 04210
Price: $225
Lunch Provided