Managing The Aftermath Of An Active Shooter Event


The standard response time for first responders in the United States is on average 4 to 11 minutes. That’s less time than it takes to microwave a potato — and yet it still isn’t fast enough in an active shooter event.

According to a 2013 FBI study, almost 70% of gun-related active assailant events last JUST FIVE MINUTES. A third of those last LESS THAN TWO MINUTES.

However, the aftermath of an incident is much longer, extremely complex, and emotionally demanding not only on the victims’ families, employees, community but the management staff. To recover from an active shooter event, restore business operations, and retain employees, experts say businesses must be prepared and have a plan to effectively deal with the post-event.

Who Should Attend

  • Senior and Middle Management
  • First Line Supervisors
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Legal Department
  • Security Specialist

This Course Will Focus On

  • How the investigation will affect your workplace, employees, and business operations.
  • Developing a Post Incident Plan for your management staff and human resource department.
  • Preparing for potential criminal involvement from the victims and witnesses’ perspective, and potential civil litigation towards your own business
  • How to manage the consequences after an incident from the day after to months down the road.
  • Fulfills OSHA’s “Occupational Safety and Health Act or 1970.”


Executive Vice President

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