Report Writing In Corrections- Common Incidents to Use of Force Reports


Report writing is a crucial skill for correctional officers and supervisors. Reports become a permanent record of staff’s actions in response to an incident, help document compliance with standards, and help provide vital information for administrators. Writing reports can seem frustrating and time-consuming when you struggle with writing or are given reports back from a supervisor to rewrite because it doesn’t contain or communicate the essential and precise details effectively. In this course, you will learn common types of reports in corrections, why a well-written report is necessary, tips to help you prepare for and complete the writing task, and how to evaluate a report according to the “5 C’s.” You will have opportunities to assess your understanding of concepts through interactive exercises.

This lesson plan is designed to reinforce the fundamentals of good report writing as it pertains to the correctional facility. More specifically, this lesson will focus on the importance of accurate reporting from the perspective of the corrections officers from common incidents to Use of Force situations that Correction Officers are involved in.  Finally, the essential elements required in the incident report narrative as well as the Use of Force Report before submission to the supervisor on duty.

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