Team Dynamics & Leadership


MLEAP Standard: 3.08 Supervisor Training

Determining your “True Color Personality”

By understanding everyone’s personality type including YOURS, teams can improve communication through the recognition of a person’s true character, transforming True Colors into an uncomplicated language for every individual to convey complex ideas very simply.

Team Dynamics

When a team has a positive dynamic, its members are more successful and there is less chance of conflict. A team with poor dynamics includes people whose behavior disrupts workflow and results in wrong choices, poor decision-making or no decision-making at all. Poor dynamics leave the team more vulnerable to conflicts.

Understanding Work Teams

Teams today are very popular. Why? Teams are more flexible and responsive to changing events than traditional departments. hey are an effective means for management to democratize organizations…thereby increasing employee motivation.

Understanding the Role of a Leader

The definition of leadership is to “inspire, influence and guide others to participate in a common effort.”  Good leaders don’t just bark orders or hand out directives with no explanation.  Instead they use effective communication and motivation techniques to facilitate action by their teams.  Leaders that inspire and motivate their teams solicit input from employees, keep team members informed, give timely and specific feedback regarding job performance, ensure training needs are met and hold employees accountable.

Course Objectives

  • Determine your True Color Personality
  • Understanding Teams
  • What A Team Must Have To Succeed
  • Leadership and the
  • “13 Rules Of Leadership” by General Colin Powel
  • Difference between a Working Group and Team
  • Describe the team-building process (Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing, and Adjourning)


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