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The Art of De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution


DE-ESCALATION is more than words. It’s about officer presence, confidence, understanding the difference between crisis and conflict, understanding the difference between empathy, sympathy and compassion, understanding human behavior, the difference between the guardian vs. warrior mindset and ultimately being nice.

DE-ESCALATION goes beyond verbal skills and is not a crisis intervention class. The potential for being attacked/ambushed always exists. How the officer exudes his/her confidence along with body positioning and knowing the possible variables, helps to de-escalate a situation and prevent or prepare an officer for an ambush attack. There will be some physical exercises to practice but it will not be role playing.

DE-ESCALATION will go over all aspects of a situation including receiving the 911 call, the approach, the interview and the conclusion. The difference between adults and juveniles in a crisis or a conflict will be discussed along with pre-attack cues, how the mind works under stress, use of force and self-preservation, due to the ongoing stress one encounters as a police officer.

DE-ESCALATION will benefit the brand new officer as well as the seasoned officer as this class embodies the whole picture and will work in conjunction with any defensive tactic system.

DE-ESCALATION is what prevents use of force but also prepares you mentally for it as well.



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