Use of Deadly Force

February 11, 2019800-1600 The Medical,Legal, and Liability Concerns with the Use of Deadly Force $99

This course will:


· Assist officers in understanding the threshold decision of the use of deadly force by reviewing relevant Constitutional concepts and State Laws. 

· Assist officers in understanding the aftermath of a use of deadly force decision by reviewing the Attorney General’s investigative process and the potential criminal, civil, and administrative consequences of the use of deadly force.

· Learn lifesaving medical actions including hands-on training for hemorrhage control, tourniquet application, airway control techniques, and relevant indicators for shock.


Course Instructors: Michael Cunniff, Esq. a lawyer experienced in critical incidents involving law enforcement uses of deadly force, internal affairs matters, and the defense of civil rights cases brought against public officials; Scot Mattox, Esq. Former Portland Police Department Internal Affairs Sergeant; and Paramedic Instructor, Dan Thompson, EMT-P of Tactical Services; LLC.


Bangor Police Department

240 Main Street

Bangor, ME

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Use of Deadly Force Flyer

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