Vehicle Operation Liability Awareness for Law Enforcement

January 22, 2019 1000-1300 Vehicle Operation Liability- $49


Vehicle operation is one of the most common, yet   dangerous things an officer  does.   Unfortunately, injury, death, and lawsuits resulting from vehicle operation   are not uncommon. This class is an   awareness training for officers and law enforcement agencies designed to   increase their understanding of liability and legal concerns arising out of   and around vehicle use in police operation. 

Specific topics covered include:

· Officer safety, liability awareness and legal concerns during routine   patrol, emergency operation, and pursuits.

· Officer safety, liability awareness and legal concerns for checkpoints   and roadblocks.

· National and State statistics on vehicle operation in law enforcement.

· Relevant National and State case law including: Norton v. Hall. 

· Ministerial Activities v. Discretionary Functions and their connection   to the Maine Tort Claims Act M.R.S. 14 Chapter 741.

Understanding M.R.S. 17-A 203; 29-A 2054; and 25 Sec. 2806 as they relate to vehicle liability 


Bangor Police Department

240 Main Street

Bangor, ME

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Vehicle Operation Liability Awareness and Legal Concerns for Law Enforcement.Bangor.2019 (pdf)