Workplace safety classes

Free Workplace Safety Classes: Active Shooter Preparedness and Drug Impairment in the Workplace



December 13, 2019

8:00am- 4:00pm

Dirigo Safety, LLC is hosting a FREE day-long training for work place safety at our office in Auburn. 

We are inviting any business (public or private) or school employee to attend either (or both) of these free trainings at no cost.  

We recognize that these topics are important and relevant discussions in today’s workplace and would like to have an opportunity to share our expertise with the relevant business community.

Space is limited to 40 attendees. Drug Impairment in the Workplace is from 08:00-11:00. Active Shooter is from 13:00 until 16:00.

 You may stay for one section or both. 

Dirigo Safety, LLC provides private sector businesses with custom designed workplace safety trainings in alcohol and drug impairment (as well as emergency medical classes such as First Aid, CPR, AED and a variety of OSHA classes).  

As career law enforcement officers, attorneys, paramedics, and drug recognition experts we’ve made it our mission to contribute to community safety through affordable training, education, and consultation on safety matters to public and private sector business.  


It can happen anytime, anyplace. 

Is your business ready? 

Are your employees prepared? 

Active Shooter Training


Managing the Aftermath of an Active Shooter Incident



While the employee's right to use certain drugs may be protected, that does not include the right to be impaired on the job. Can you recognize the signs of drug impairment? 

Drug and Alcohol Impairment Safety Awareness


Advanced Drug Impairment Overview


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