Workplace Safety Training

 Dirigo Safety, LLC is a public safety advocacy training and consulting company.  As career law enforcement officers, attorneys, paramedics, and drug recognition experts we’ve made it our mission to contribute to community safety through affordable training, education, and consultation on safety matters to public and private sector business.  

Our primary role is contracted partners with the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety to deliver Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Services and Law Enforcement Liaison Services to prosecutors and law enforcement agencies statewide.  Furthermore, we are partners with the Maine Center for Disease Control to provide administrative oversight of the Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws grant to law enforcement agencies statewide. 

In addition to these two very important public safety services for government agencies, Dirigo Safety, LLC also provides private sector businesses with custom designed workplace safety trainings in alcohol and drug impairment (as well as emergency medical classes such as First Aid, CPR, AED and a variety of OSHA classes). We use a business model structured after proven law enforcement investigative techniques learned and practiced successfully for thousands of hours in the classroom, at national conferences, and most importantly – on the street. 

Customized Training for the Workplace

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Drug and Alcohol Impairment Safety Awareness

This 4-hour introductory class provides an overview of alcohol and trending drugs of abuse; the dangers they present to individuals, schools, and in the workplace; and suggested counter- strategies. Participants also gain an overview of:

  • The current most dangerous drugs of abuse trending on the national level.
  • Recognizing evidence of use and abuse in the workplace such as paraphernalia, vapes, juuling and other drug accoutrements. 
  • The general signs and symptoms of impairment and abuse of impairing drugs. 
  • An overview of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Maine. 
  • Signs and symptoms of alcohol and drug overdose. 
  • An overview of Narcan. What it is; how it works; where to get it; and how to use it. 
  • Information on public and private resources for getting addition help.
  • The application of company policy (where appropriate). 

Cost: $75 pp, 10 person minimum


Advanced Drug Impairment Overview

Workplace Qualified Observer Training 

This is an eight-hour class designed to help train workplace supervisors to recognize, identify and understand the signs of impairment related to alcohol, drugs or a combination of both, within the civilian workplace. 


Participants will receive:

  • All instruction included with the Introductory Drug Awareness Training 
  • Specific indications, signs, and symptoms of impairment for each of the seven categories of impairing drugs. 
  • Video examples of drug impairment in each category.]  
  •  Focused instruction of how legalized recreational marijuana may affects workplace safety. 
  •  Instruction and practice using the “OID” strategy of workplace drug impairment observation. Participants will learn and practice observing certain workplace behaviors; learn and practice how to inquire with workers about unusual behavior; and learn and practice how to document such observations using OID documentation sheets.
  • Overview of chemical testing for drug presence.   


This course costs $150 per student, with a 10-student minimum.   


Dirigo Safety, LLC is privately owned contractor. We are not a state agency, not a law firm, and we do not provide legal advice in any criminal matter. We do not represent the state of Maine or any public-sector entity within the State of Maine. We also do not consult with other attorneys or individuals about private criminal cases. We are available for consultation in civil cases under certain circumstances.