2022 – MCJA Mandatory: Leadership for Corrections

by | Jan 6, 2022

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This training is based upon, and consistent with: MCJA 2022 Mandatory Lesson Plan: Leadership for Corrections

Instructional Goal

This class will give the student a better understanding of leadership in the Correctional Environment, by identifying the key points of good leadership. The student will be able to create a personal growth plan at the completion of the class.

Performance Objectives

Upon completion of this class the student will be able to:

1.0.0- Identify what leadership is.

1.0.1- Identify the good qualities of service leaders.

1.0.2- Explain the barriers to communication.

1.0.3-Describe how a leader can “get to know his/her peers.”

1.0.4- Identify the differences between leaders and managers.

1.0.5- List the ways a leader can be supported by subordinates.

1.0.6- State the essential components of a personal development plan.

1.0.7- List the leadership skills assessed by the “Wheel of Leadership”.

1.0.8- Draft a personal development plan.