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High in Plain Sight: Current Alcohol and Drug Concealment Trends & Identifiers

Maine's accidental overdose rate is killing approximately 1 person per day.  Jermaine has created a course to educate workers (including law enforcement officers, prosecutors, probation, correction and education professionals) on the current trends of drug use and culture. This is important for all involved in prevention, education, treatment, or enforcement to understand these sweeping changes in drug culture. 

This seven-hour training course covers: drug trends, concealment, paraphernalia, OTC drugs, synthetic and opioid drugs, drug dangers for first responders, marijuana products, wax and oils, alcohol social networking sites, E-cigarettes, vaping and juuling, as well as other drug and alcohol topics of interest for public professionals. 


About: Jermaine Galloway

To date, Jermaine Galloway has trained more than 300,000 people across the United States and Internationally. He has conducted more than 1,000 community scans at a variety of local and national including, retail stores, festivals, housing areas, schools and universities. With the help of his wife, Officer Galloway created Northwest Alcohol Conference. 


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Public Safety Advocates

Dirigo Safety, LLC specializes in providing affordable, high quality law enforcement  training and consultation. We are a private vendor contracted to provide public safety support to various  Maine State Agencies. 

These services include: 

  • Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor, Law Enforcement Liaison and State Judicial Liaison Service for the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety
  • Administrative Oversight of the Enforcement of Underage Drinking Law Grants for the Maine Center for Disease Control
  • Lesson Plan Writing for the Maine Criminal Justice Academy's Basic Law Enforcement Training Program
  • Standard Operation Procedures Development

Law Enforcement Training

Dirigo Safety, LLC is a law enforcement owned group of active and retired officers, investigators, attorneys, and drug recognition experts. All classes are taught by subject matter experts with significant street experience. We offer on-site trainings at our Auburn location and host trainings at various locations throughout Maine and New Hampshire. 

Standard Operation Procedure Development and Consultation

We provide law enforcement administrators with consultation in a variety of policy matters; including the development of Standard Operation Procedures. 

Workplace Safety Trainers

Using successful law enforcement safety principles, Dirigo Safety, LLC has created several cross over trainings for the private section workplace. As career law enforcement officers, attorneys, paramedics and drug recognition experts, we’ve made it our mission to contribute to community safety through affordable training, education, and consultation on safety matters to public and private sector business.  

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Host a class at your agency  and save big! For each class your department hosts,  two officer can attend the course for FREE. 

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No problem.  At Dirigo Safety, LLC headquarters, we offer at training room that can accommodate up to 42 participants.  When you take a class at headquarters, lunch is provided. 

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Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Services

We are partners with the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety in delivering Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) services in the State.   Additionally, we partner with the Bureau to provide Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL) Services to the State. The LEL provides support, assistance and technical services to Maine law enforcement agencies participating in Maine Bureau of Highway Safety Programs and the JOL provides Highway Safety training, technical resources and liaison services in Maine courts. 

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Maine Criminal Justice Academy

Dirigo Safety, LLC partners with the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in providing lesson plan writing services for their Basic Law Enforcement Training Program. 

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Administrative Oversight of Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws

Dirigo Safety is a contractor for the Maine Center for Disease Control providing administrative oversight of their grant funding for the Enforcement of Underage Drinking Laws (EUDL) program. This includes outreach and recruitment of law enforcement agencies to implement EUDL strategies, data analysis, training, facilitation of funding and general oversight of the program. 

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