Dirigo Safety, LLC

“Scot has assembled a highly competent staff of Maine content experts with a vision forward. Great to see Maine people in a Maine company serving many professionals in both the public and private arena. Best of luck to you and your staff in your great new location in Auburn, Maine.” ​

Joel T. Wilkinson
Labor Representative, Fraternal Order of Police

SOP Developmental Services

“As police leaders we are all aware that developing sound, clear and concise policies are our core liability protection. These policies ensure our officers lawfully, effectively and ethically carry out their law enforcement duties. Clear and well-drafted policies are essential to assuring constitutional police practices.
The policy development services from Dirigo Safety have been invaluable in modernizing and verhauling our standard operating procedures. They have provided us with the “best practices standards” to address the most critical law enforcement issues. Retired Chief of Police Shawn O’Leary, in addition to being very accessible, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program. The custom policy templates are tailored to our agency’s needs and have been specifically crafted to meet MLEAP standards. This has given us a crucial head start on the accreditation process.”

Chief Paul W. Fenton
Cape Elizabeth Police Department
“We joined Dirigo Safety in late 2019 for their SOP Development Services. The timing could not have been better as we moved into 2020. They have organized our policy and procedures into a clean and more professional format. One of the most important pieces of their service was to cross reference all the MCJA Board of Trustee Standards and MLEAP standards. This will make our goal to become accredited so much easier! We highly recommend Dirigo Safety for this service.”

Chief Michael Field
Bath Police Department
We’re really liking this process and I find it so beneficial to have someone such as yourself to bounce things off as we work through these.
I appreciate your efforts as well.

Sheriff Joel Merry
Sagadahoc County Sheriffs Office

In Person Classes

“Today I attended a training put on by Dirigo Safety regarding Effective Writing of Search Warrants and I would highly recommend it. Obviously there was been a big uptick in cases regarding search warrants due to in depth investigations and great interdiction work. For anyone looking to get more comfortable writing warrants and what goes into them I suggest you look into this class, by the end of the day you end up writing 4 different warrants and they do a great job breaking it down section by section.
One of the better trainings I’ve been to where you dont just get talked at the whole day and get to really learn by doing. Just wanted to pass it along.”

Det./SRO Chris Balestra
Brunswick Police Department
“Dear Scot, I just wanted to thank you for hosting us last week for the “Initial Patrol Response to Major Crimes and Homicides” Class. The class was very informative and the instructors were passionate about the subject matter. I know that officers from our agency have attended other training that you have presented and the feedback has been very positive.
Enclosed, you will find one of our patches for you to add to your collection. Please consider it a small token of our appreciation. Thank you for sharing your time and expertise to help members of our public safety community become more effective and safe while doing our jobs. It is most appreciated. Please take care and be safe.”

Sgt. Christopher Russell
Kennebunk Police Department
“I have to say I have had Scot as an instructor for many years about 15… and myself and others are very happy he is still doing training after his retirement from Portland PD. He is one of the best instructors in law enforcement in the state by far. Let him know how much the guys and I appreciate the classes he now puts on through his company. They are much needed and he does an excellent job picking instructors as well.”

Ryan McGee
Lisbon Police Department
“This training is a MUST for all law enforcement officers and attorneys handling impaired driving cases. Scot Mattox and his team from Dirigo Safety and Tactical Services were personable and the information and mixed lab experience they provide is invaluable. Attendees get a hands on experience with marijuana and alcohol impaired volunteers proving the knowledge and confidence to effectively detect the signs and symptoms of impairment and successfully try a criminal case. Massachusetts legalized recreational marijuana in 2016 and we initially started with three mixed lab trainings for prosecutors. I have three more mixed labs schedule in 2019 for law enforcement officials.”

Andrea Nardone
Massachusetts District Attorney’s Association
“Scot, Just wanted to say thank you for putting on the OUI investigation class. As a cop, sometimes I feel like we lose perspective on how low of a threshold RAS and PC is for investigation/arrest, especially when it comes to OUI cases which certainly seem to take a large amount of preparation, investigative skills and observations. I contend that OUIs are one of the most investigative exhausting cases to look at, for no other reason that it taxes all of the officers skills in a short period of time; from initial contact, to effective interviewing, to active observation skills and the need for an immediate arrest decision. Rest assured, this class (especially the portions you put on, as well as the District Attorney and DMV examiner) is one I’ll recommend to my co-workers and other officers I have contact with.”

Dept. Devin Polizzotti
Kennebec Sheriffs Department

Online Training

“I met Ret. Chief Shawn O’Leary and Meaghan O’Leary today after they visited to our department. They were super nice and very knowledgeable about the online training program. They were accommodating to our training requests, offering to create whatever trainings we need. We are happily switching our online training accounts to Dirigo Safety!”

Laura Adams
Caribou Police Department
The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office started using Dirigo Safety LLC in 2020. The online training programs offered are cost efficient, especially since there are no additional costs for non-sworn members to complete the yearly workplace compliance training. The training modules are user friendly and deputies can easily access the training at any time. As a supervisor I can quickly and easily access every employee’s training record to ensure each module is completed on time. The customer service is second to none. Each time I would call for advice or guidance it was provided in a timely manner. I would highly recommend that law enforcement agencies try the services offered by Dirigo Safety LLC.

Cmdr. Joey Seeley
Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office
“Our organization recently came onboard to Dirigo Safety after using another program for many years. While the system is user friendly and intuitive, as new customers to the platform, we have needed occasional assistance from the team in navigating the program and finding certain materials. Throughout this process, Meaghan O’Leary has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has demonstrated that she is someone who can be relied upon. She, and the rest of the team at Dirigo Safety, are very knowledgeable, professional and display a great deal of attention to our needs to ensure our success.”

York County Sheriff’s Office
“Dirigo Safety delivers a high-quality product at a low cost and in an online format that is very user friendly. Staff is always available to offer guidance and answer questions. This is an excellent forum to not only complete the mandated law enforcement training but an opportunity at elective training sessions that are topical and well presented. I am particularly impressed with the diligence and commitment of the staff to deliver a product that is well researched from both a legal and practical point of view.”
Brian MacMaster
Attorney General’s Office