Heroes Wellness

This page is to bring awareness and resources to our first responders and their families. If you or someone you know works on the front lines these resources are great to learn more about how to help and get involved.

meg and dad

A Daughters Story

The Thin Blue Line Family. My Name is Meaghan O’Leary, and I am a PROUD daughter of a Retired Law Enforcement Officer and Niece of two Law Enforcement officers.

Since I was a little girl, I have witnessed the impact of what a law enforcement officer must go through every day. I know that person behind the badge they are part of my family and longtime friends. I have seen and gone through the restless nights of worry, wondering if my father or uncles will come home in one piece or at all. I have watched him jump in his cruiser with his rifle after he got a call that one of his brothers in blue had been shot. They put on a brave face, using police laughter, but they are worried about what will happen.

There are many times I did not know what happened during a shift. They would hide what they experienced to protect their loved ones from what they saw or had to do. I did not understand why we could not have bacon when my father was home. I found out the smell of bacon would trigger a bad memory, that it would wake him up from a sound sleep.

I was one of the lucky ones who grew up in a law enforcement family. I had my brother, cousins, and other law enforcement children for support because they were experiencing the same feelings as I was. But unfortunately, this is not always the case for other families.

Often people do not understand the men and women behind the badge. I have created this Heroes Wellness to help others understand.  I hope that no officer or their families feel alone.


Dirigo Safety, LLC Trainings:



Law Enforcement AA:

Are you or an officer you know struggling with alcohol or other substances? You are NOT alone. There is help and support available through an informal and strictly confidential group of active and retired law enforcement officers and other first responders. We are officers who have been exactly where you are – from still struggling to many years of recovery.  Our mission is to use our experience to help our brothers and sisters interested in recovery.

We meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings, both at 1830 hrs on Zoom. Tuesday is an informal open discussion meeting in AA style and Thursday is welcome to all and designed to walk through the AA program together. But whether you are interested in AA or not does matter. If you are interested in recovery, we are here for you.

To learn more or for immediate support, please call Matt Brown (U.S. Probation Officer retired) 24/7/365 at (207) 415-4737.

The group is celebrating more than four years of service to our brothers and sisters.