MLEAP Accreditation Management Services

What Is MLEAP Accreditation?

The Maine Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (MLEAP) is an opportunity for police agencies in Maine to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and compliance with the highest standards in law enforcement. These standards, developed by Maine Law Enforcement professionals, are designed to help agencies effectively serve their communities and protect individuals’ rights.

The MLEAP program is managed by the Maine Chiefs of Police Association (MCOPA) in partnership with Dirigo Safety, LLC, and is overseen by a committee of CLEOs and other executive-level sworn members of the MCOPA. This committee reviews agencies’ efforts and awards “accredited” status to those that meet the program’s standards. By participating in MLEAP, agencies can show their dedication to meeting their professional obligations to the citizens of Maine.

Development Phase

  • Conduct a “Mock Review” assessment of the Department – by the assigned consultant involved in accreditation – to assist the Department in preparation for an MLEAP assessment.
  • Analyze the Department’s policies and procedures to determine if they meet MLEAP Standards.
  • Build the Department’s assessment in their PowerDMS account.
  • Research, develop, and upload any “proof” required by MLEAP Program and Standards Manual to achieve accreditation.

Off-Site Electronic Assessment Phase

  • Represent and be the point of contact for the Department during the electronic Off-Site Compliance Review.
  • Monitor the status of the ongoing assessment through the Department’s PowerDMS account.
  • Keep the Department updated on the status of the assessment.
  • If the MLEAP Assessment Team requires additional “standard proofs,” clarification, or inquiries, Dirigo Safety will address those requests promptly.

On-Site Assessment Phase

  • Be present and the point of contact during the Department’s On-Site Assessment conducted by the MLEAP Assessment Team.
  • In the event the MLEAP Assessment Team requires additional “standards proofs,” clarification, or inquiries, the Provider will address those requests in a timely matter.

How to Get Started with MLEAP Accreditation Manager Services

Agencies that are interested in starting the accreditation management process should contact our Law Enforcement Services Manager using the form below.

List of MLEAP Accredited Agencies

  1. Augusta
  2. Bath
  3. Berwick
  4. Boothbay Harbor
  5. Brewer
  6. Brunswick
  7. Eliot
  8. Ellsworth
  9. Falmouth
  10. Farmington
  11. Gorham
  12. Jay
  13. Kennebunk
  14. Old Town
  15. Somerset County
  16. South Berwick
  17. Westbrook
  18. Yarmouth
  19. York County

MLEAP Testimonials

I am writing this letter in support of Dirigo Safety, LLC in recognition of the excellent training programs they currently provide to law enforcement in the State of Maine, as well as their management of the Maine Law Enforcement Accreditation Program.

Approximately six years ago a committee of Maine law enforcement administrators were assembled to establish a state accreditation program under the auspices of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association. Once the program was established it was slow to develop and we realized we needed someone to manage the program.

In 2020 the association issued an RFP to manage the program from which Dirigo Safety, LLC was selected and awarded the contract. Since the award of the contract in September of 2020 the program has blossomed with eight departments currently accredited and a number of agencies in the final stages of preparation for their assessment.

While Dirigo Safety, LLC works under the guidance of the MLEAP Committee they are the ones who have organized and trained the assessors, interacted with the chief of a department preparing for their assessment, and then coordinated the assessment.

Executive Director of the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, Edward J. Tolan