Maine Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (MLEAP) Classes

The Maine Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (MLEAP) is a voluntary process where police agencies in Maine prove their compliance with Maine Law Enforcement’s current Best Practices or Standards. Maine Law Enforcement professionals carefully developed these standards to assist agencies in the efficient and effective delivery of service and the protection of individual rights.

The Maine Chiefs of Police Association (MCOPA) developed the Accreditation Program to assist Maine agencies in meeting their professional obligations to the citizens of Maine. An appointed Committee of CLEOs or other executive-level sworn members who hold Active Membership in the MCOPA and other critical partners identified by the MCOPA Board of Directors from across the state developed the Accreditation Program and identified the Standards for Maine Law Enforcement. This committee now conducts reviews of an agency’s efforts and awards “Accredited” status.

The Maine Chiefs of Police Association has partnered with Dirigo Safety, LLC to manage the MLEAP Program. Agencies that are interested in obtaining or starting the accreditation process should contact:


MLEAP Classes are a combination of in-person and online, at the four levels of certification.  Level 1 and 2 MELAP classes are largely available online, level 3 MLEAP classes are in-person classroom style classes, and level 4 MLEAP classes are hands-on training and assessment

These are the MLEAP accreditation classes currently offered by Dirigo Safety, LLC.

MLEAP Level 1 Class

At level 1, your primary responsibility is understanding what the MLEAP Accreditation is and agreeing to its terms.

Program Familiarization Course State Accreditation

This course is an introductory course that provides an overview of the MLEAP program and how to achieve accreditation. The course covers the organizational structure, key terminology, prerequisites of the program, the application process, establishing buy-in, enrolling in required training, reviewing standards, submitting the application and so on.  This class is all about understanding, which is the necessary first step towards accreditation.

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MLEAP Level 2 Classes

At level two, the MLEAP process focuses on online education focused on a range of topics that help officers to broaden their working knowledge of various facets of police work and community interactions. With fifteen Level 2 MLEAP classes, there’s a lot of options. Here are a few examples of classes offered in this category.

2023 - 2.01 MLEAP: Implicit Human Bias

Our Implicit Human Bias class is a two-part training course for Maine law enforcement officers. The first part focuses on preparing officers to interact with people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds by first understanding their own implicit biases and prejudices. It teaches officers to recognize the importance of cultural differences and how to avoid unconscious discriminatory behavior. The second part addresses bias-influenced policing, including problems such as racial profiling, and teaches officers to avoid actions based on perceived common traits or stereotypes. The officers then learn how to justify their actions under the Fourth Amendment, how to avoid biaseds policing, and the potential consequences of such actions.

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2023 – 10.01 MLEAP: Searching and Transporting a Detainee

This is a course on the safe and constitutional procedures for transporting and searching detainees. The course covers different types of searches, the safe transport of detainees, methods for transporting sick, injured or disabled detainees, the proper use of restraining devices, monitoring the detainee to avoid medical difficulties, and understanding the roles of officers and supervisors in the event of an escape.

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2023 - 7.11 MLEAP: Preliminary Investigation

“Preliminary Investigation” is a basic training course that teaches law enforcement personnel how to conduct a preliminary investigation when dispatched to a call for service. The course focuses on understanding the components of a thorough investigation, fitting the investigation into the complete investigative process, obtaining information at the scene, and completing reports in a manner that meets the needs of the department and victim.

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2023 - 8.10 MLEAP: Hazardous Materials / Mass Destruction

This training course for law enforcement personnel is an answer to the dangers related to encountering and handling hazardous materials. The course objectives include identifying regulations, recognizing hazardous material presence, explaining the role of emergency response personnel, identifying proper procedures for cleaning and marking contaminated equipment, and understanding safe practices for handling medical waste.

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2022 MLEAP: Program Familiarization Course State Accreditation

Performance management is a crucial aspect of supervision in police organizations. This training course aims to improve employee effectiveness through dynamic performance management. It covers the basics of building and delivering effective performance reviews and the importance of proper performance management.

The course also covers communication skills, how to expect and manage performance, the difference between behaviors, results, and attributes, and how personality traits can impact expectations. It also covers how to conduct a performance improvement plan and how to apply learned concepts to performance management. The course teaches the proper use of performance management tools and the steps of progressive discipline.

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