On-Demand Classes

Behavioral Health for Dispatchers

Our dispatcher personnel are the first line of communication in response to those experiencing psychiatric emergencies. These incidents involve interactions in which being trained in identifying mental health issues, de-escalation skills and other effective communication techniques can assist the communicator as the first point of contact. Our communicators also are often conversing with families and or concerned citizens calling for emergency support for those in crisis and determining the most effective response. Over a career first responders experience chronic trauma and stress, therefore an emphasis on wellness and stress management is critical as well.

Protective Custody and Weapons Restriction Orders

This is a recording of training on Protective Custody and Weapons Restriction Orders conducted on March 29, 2023, by the Maine Chiefs of Police Association.

Vehicle Operation Liability

Vehicle operation is one of the most common yet dangerous things an officer does. Unfortunately, police liability resulting from vehicle operation is not uncommon. This class is an awareness training for officers and law enforcement agencies that is designed to increase their understanding of the liability and legal concerns arising out of and around vehicle use in police operation. This is an area where officers can help control their exposure to risk by better understanding the dangers.

Performance Evaluation & Management

Performance Evaluation & Management is designed to enhance employee effectiveness through realistic and dynamic performance management. In a back-to-basics format, students will learn how to build and deliver a well thought-out performance review. By the end of the course, students will understand the importance of proper performance management while contrasting the cost of poor or no performance management.

Freedom of Access Act (FOAA)

The Police & Maine’s Freedom of Access Act