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Law Enforcement, Corrections, First Responders & MLEAP 

Elective courses are an important way for police and corrections officers to continue their education and professional development. At Dirigo Safety, LLC, we offer a wide range of elective courses that cover various topics relevant to law enforcement professionals. These courses can help officers stay updated on the latest best practices, trends, and developments in their field and can also provide valuable skills and knowledge that they can use in their daily work.

The elective courses can provide police and corrections officers with the opportunity to specialize in certain areas or to broaden their knowledge and skills in a range of topics. We believe that continuing education is an important part of being a competent and effective law enforcement professional, and we are proud to offer a variety of elective courses to help officers achieve their goals.

Example In-Person Electives for Law Enforcement Officers

Here are several popular electives we offer for law enforcement officers. Find more of our full list of In-Person Law Enforcement Electives.

Law Enforcement and Behavioral Health Training

Discover our comprehensive Law Enforcement and Behavioral Health Training, designed to equip law enforcement professionals with the skills needed to respond effectively to mental health, substance use, trauma, and challenging behaviors.

This course meets the IACP’s One Mind Campaign requirements. The course consists of four modules covering essential topics such as de-escalation, stabilization, risk assessment, and officer wellness. Modules focus on collaboration between law enforcement and mental health, substance use, and behavioral health, concluding with a simulation and scenario-based training module for real-life applications. Each 8-hour module promotes mental fitness, resiliency, and self-care, ensuring officers’ professional and personal success. Join us for this essential training program.

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Basic Death and Homicide Investigations

This is a three-day certification class for first responders, prospective detectives, active investigators, and prosecutors. It is taught by experienced police detectives and covers the initial response to a major crime or death, scene preservation, and documentation, understanding the death process, types of deaths and indicators for investigations, evidence identification and collection, witness identification and interviewing, and the autopsy process. 

The class includes case studies and requires participation from students to demonstrate proficiency in the principles covered.

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K-9 Critical Issues

This is a course for K-9 handlers, supervisors, and trainers to provide an update on K-9 units. It includes topics such as leadership, policy, culture, liability, training, use of force, drug and explosive searches, media and public relations, budgets, and the future of K-9 units. The course uses videos, classroom exercises, and scenarios and does not require participants to bring their dogs. 

Handlers will have the opportunity to check on and exercise their dogs during breaks in the class. The course objectives include understanding the need for K-9 units, leadership and liability aspects, basic training and scenario-based training, media, and public relations, use of force and deployment, search policy, care and maintenance, budget preparation, and the future of K-9 units.

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Example In-Person Electives for Corrections Officers

Here are several popular electives we offer for corrections officers. Find more of our full list of In-Person Corrections Electives.

Field Training Officer School

Our Field Training Officer School training is a 2.5-day comprehensive course designed for Maine Law Enforcement, merging the San Jose Model and PTO Model with modern best practices. This cutting-edge training program covers essential topics like standardization, the role of an FTO, ethics, leadership, effective teaching methods, evaluations, and practical scenarios. Our expert instructor, Ret. Trp. Tilsley, brings unparalleled passion and real-world experience to ensure that you stay engaged and leave with the tools necessary to excel as a Field Training Officer. Join us for a transformative educational experience!

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First-Line Supervisors

This one-day course is designed for first-line supervisors and covers the responsibilities of being a supervisor, including how to transition from doing the job to supervising staff, identifying core job functions, and understanding leadership styles. It teaches students about the importance of performance management, discipline, and vicarious liability, as well as the differences between moral and motivation. The course aligns with MLEAP Standard 3.08 for supervisor training.

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Dirigo Safety, LLC, No Show Policy

Dirigo Safety, LLC understands that there are times when you must miss your scheduled training class due to emergencies, work schedule conflicts, or personal reasons. However, when you do not call or email us to cancel your participation in our training class, you may be preventing other officers from being able to sign up. If you do not contact us prior to the start of the class, you will be charged.

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