First-Line Supervisors


MLEAP Standard: 3.08 Supervisor Training

This one-day progressive course breaks down what it means to be the new Sergeant, shift leader, or crew chief in a first-line supervision capacity. The course theme centers on the responsibility of supervision over the authority to make decisions.  Students learn and understand how to avoid common pitfalls that can degrade the department’s mission and stove pipe production for years to come.

  In addition, this course teaches students:

  • How to transition from doing the job to supervising staff who do the job
  • How to learn who you are, who your people are, and what is the job
  • What are core essential job functions, and how do you prioritize them
  • How to identify an adaptive vs. technical solution to common problems
  • What are leadership styles, and which one are you
  • Why discipline and when
  • How does moral and motivation differ  
  • What vicarious liability is

The course teaches the importance of performance management and sets the students on the right path to supervise people.


Risk Mitigation Solutions Manager

Upcoming Class Dates

Sep 20: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Berwick Police Department
20 Wilson Street
Berwick, Maine, 03901
Price: $199

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