2023 – 8.10 MLEAP: Hazardous Materials / Mass Destruction

by | Jan 1, 2023

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Instructional Goal: 

The emphasis of this unit is upon recognition of signs of danger. No probationary officer in Maine will be singularly responsible for completely handling collision or disaster scenes where there is danger of a discharge exposure, fire, or explosion of a hazardous material. They may well be, however, the first at the scene where such a possibility exists. It is, therefore, important that they recognize circumstances where hazardous material may be involved, and the need to summon additional or specialized assistance.


Performance Objectives:

At the end of this unit of instruction, the student will be able to accomplish the following objectives as outlined in the lesson:

5.6.1 Identify Maine and Federal regulations dealing with hazardous materials.

5.6.2 Recognize and explain the function of emergency response personnel in hazardous materials emergencies.

5.6.3 Identify hazardous materials regulations as they apply to hazardous material emergency response.

5.6.4 List and explain the clues for detecting hazardous material presence.

5.6.5 Recognize the extent of the hazardous materials potential in the community.

5.6.6 Identify the actions of the initial responder and the use of the DOT emergency response guide.

5.6.7 Identify proper use of personal protective equipment such as suits, boots, masks, etc.

5.6.8 Identify proper procedures related to cleaning and/or marking a contaminated cruiser.

5.6.9 Identify standard safe practice related to handling “sharps” and other medical wastes.