Digital Evidence Training


This training is intended for Patrol Officers, Supervisors, Detectives, Prosecutors or any Law Enforcement Officer. Let’s face it, more cases than ever that we investigate involve some amount of digital evidence.
Whether you are looking for cell phone location data, social media content, electronic communication device data, or any other types of information, you need to be able to recognize, properly collect, and
preserve digital evidence. If you have attended the legal portion previously and want to attend the afternoon, that is fine.

Morning Session:
Instructor, Paul Rucha, Assistant Attorney General

AAG Rucha will provide information regarding the law and various warrant templates that are unique and
specific to the information required by your investigations.

Afternoon Session:
Computer Forensic Analyst Keith Lagasse
Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit

CFA Lagasse will provide an overview of digital evidence collection techniques and strategies. Attendees
will also be exposed to Computer Crimes Unit digital forensic capabilities.

AAG Rucha
Learn how to access up to date search warrant templates and utilize the Microsoft Word “Review tab” to
facilitate changes and simplify the prosecutorial review process before presenting your warrant to a Judge.
You will be provided with practical application opportunities using the templates.

Upcoming Class Dates

Sep 17: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Dirigo Safety LLC
95 Main Street 3rd Floor
Auburn, ME, 04210
Price: FREE! Sponsored by the AG's Office
This class will be available in-person and via Zoom. Lunch will be provided to those attending in-person.