Dear Maine Law Enforcement,

On behalf of Dirigo Safety, LLC, I’d like to take a moment to extend our sincere appreciation to our Maine Law Enforcement Customers for helping make us Maine’s leading law enforcement training company.

In 2016, we started as a two-person consulting company providing traffic safety expertise to the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety. Since then, we have expanded our services to a number of important agencies including: The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (through the administration of their Enforcement of Underage Drinking Grant), The Maine Criminal Justice Academy (via Basic Law Enforcement Training Program lesson plan writing), and the Maine Chiefs of Police Association (by providing administrative management of the Maine Law Enforcement Accreditation Program).

All of this is in addition to: the 115 individual law enforcement agencies (and over 2000 officers) who participate in our on-line training system; the thousand-plus police officers who have attended hundreds of in-person trainings we’ve hosted all over New England, the over 50 agencies that review and update their standard operating procedures with us, and the 20 plus agencies we are working with to accomplish State Accreditation.

We are 100% owned and operated by Maine residents. These include current and former Maine law enforcement subject matter experts who have spent a significant amount of time enforcing Maine laws in Maine cities and towns. We love the job, we love the career, we understand the local demands better than any competitor, and we want to help!

Dirigo Safety is a Maine Company working for Maine Law Enforcement, and we thank you for making us #1.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call us. We always provide outstanding and attentive customer service: (207) 200-1112.

Scot Mattox, Esq.
Dirigo Safety, LLC