2022 – Crowd Control and Civil Disorder

by | Jan 1, 2022

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This training is based upon, and consistent with: MCJA 2020 Lesson Plan: Crowd Control and Civil Disorder

Instructional Goal: 

This course will cover aspects of civil disorder, including the various levels of violence and damage, the patterns of disorder and the traditional approaches to disorder control. Emphasis will be placed on prevention techniques and alternatives to the use of force in crowd control and dispersal. The proper use of chemical agents will be demonstrated.


At the end of this unit of instruction, the student will be able to accomplish the following objectives as outlined in the lesson:

8.7.1 Identify the need to assess both the size and nature of a crowd.

8.7.2 Identify manpower, equipment, and tactical alternatives usable in crowd control.

8.7.3 Identify the need to determine leaders and agitators of hostile groups.

8.7.4 Identify proper procedures for effecting arrests in crowd conditions.

8.7.5 Identify proper application of Title 17-A, M.R.S.A Chapter 21, §§501-505, in regard to crowd behavior enforcement.

8.7.6 Demonstrate the use of dispersal formations for moving congregated persons.
8.7.7 Identify proper techniques for using chemical agents in crowd control situations.