2022 – Inmate Hygiene & Facility Sanitation

by | Jan 1, 2022

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Instructional Goal:

This unit of instruction will introduce the student to the necessary sanitation standards set by the department of Corrections inspection Division.  An active program to assist with the facility sanitation is the best way to control vermin and infectious diseases.

Performance Objectives

After this course of instruction, the student will be able to:

5.6.1    List the process for hygiene/sanitation screening of inmates during admission process

5.6.2    List four items which should be given to inmates for hygiene purposes upon admission to the facility

5.6.3    Define the standards for inmate linen/blanket/towel exchange

5.6.4    Define the standards for inmate clothing exchange

5.6.5    List four areas of the facility which needs to be clean and on what intervals

5.6.6    Define when facility’s need to be inspected for sanitation and by whom

5.6.7    Define the standards for trash removal in the facility

5.6.8    Define when and who inspects the kitchen for sanitation

5.6.9    Define cleanliness of workers

5.6.10  Define outside Maintenance

5.6.11  Define Safety Data Sheet (SDS)