2024 – Community Policing

by | Jan 1, 2024

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Instructional Goal

Using an online training format, this course introduces students to the community policing approach.  Law enforcement officers today engage with other community agencies and individuals as a regular part of their responsibilities.  The effectiveness of law enforcement agencies increases many times over when they engage directly and work in partnership with the public to prevent or intervene in criminal activity.  

This course will describe the elements essential to creating a constructive climate for law enforcement-citizen interaction, and students will be exposed to a range of current applications of community policing concepts.

Performance Objectives

Here are the performance objectives as outlined in the lesson:

1. Define Community Policing. 

2. Discuss a brief history of Community Policing.

3. Identify Core Elements of Community Policing. 

4. Identify specific important community partners. 

5. Identify the ways in which Community Policing complements traditional policing strategies.