2024 – Investigating Stalking/Domestic Violence Stalking

by | Jan 1, 2024

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Instructional Goal:

Law enforcement officers will respond to domestic violence incidents on a regular basis in their work, and domestic violence underlies approximately half of all homicides in Maine over time. Best practice response to domestic violence incidents and seeing through common misunderstandings about the causes and dynamics of domestic violence, are crucial to abuser accountability and victim safety.

This class introduces cadets to the dynamics and effects of domestic violence and best practices regarding law enforcement response and intervention in these cases. These best practices include legal and agency policy mandates for response. Law enforcement enjoys a strong partnership with community-based providers including the domestic violence resource centers. This partnership includes cross-training and education and collaborations on response teams and an individual basis. Providing referrals to the local domestic violence resource centers, as well as to Protection from Abuse Orders, are requirements at every domestic violence incident.
An officer’s thorough and complete investigation is the prosecutor’s best chance for a successful prosecution and this class thoroughly addresses interviewing and investigating various domestic violence crimes.

• Review Maine Law 17-A M.R.S. §210-A, C.
• Review Stalking prevalence in the United States.
• Understand common uses of technology in Stalking crimes.
• Review common practices on gathering evidence from the Suspect and Victim.
• Review basic investigative techniques for Stalking Crimes.
• Understand Maine’s legal requirements to provide referrals.