2024 – Managing Encounters With the Mentally Ill

by | Jan 1, 2024

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Instructional Goal:

The Purpose of this unit of instruction is to provide Maine law enforcement officers with information on response to crisis situations and in particular, persons in crisis. This class will identify strategies and tactical considerations that will help officers deal with crisis situations and accomplish the ultimate goal of peaceful crisis resolution with appropriate referral to services.


  1. Define Mental Illness
  2. Identify 3 reasons that a person in crisis may not have sought assistance before contact with law enforcement
  3. Identify 4 of the 6 reasons for a person to go into crisis
  4. List the four most common categories of mental illness
  5. List 4 strategies that a law enforcement officer can use when responding to a known mental health crisis
  6. Identify the percentage of mentally ill people who commit suicide
  7. Identify some considerations that may alert law enforcement to a person’s intent of committing “suicide by cop” (SBC)
  8. Identify the desired outcome in any crisis situation with a suicidal person
  9. Identify the requirements under Maine law for taking a person into protective custody under Title 34-B MRS
  10. Identify the two statewide resources available for persons experiencing a mental health crisis