2024 – Stop The Bleed: Law Enforcement Tourniquet

by | Jan 1, 2024

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Instructional Goal:

This class is part of “Tactical Emergency Causality Care” This is NOT the 8-hour TECC for LEO Class. Here officers will learn how to properly apply potentially life-saving medical techniques while being tactically aware and as safe as possible.


• To learn when and how to apply a tourniquet.

• To learn when to deliver medical care. The tactical situation determines what care you can provide.

• To establish that “good medicine” can be bad tactics. Bad tactics = more causalities.

• To learn how to deliver medical care.

• To demonstrate the management of severe extremity bleeding with a tourniquet. Tourniquets address part of “Circulation”.

• To establish that you do not address critical bleeds other than extremity.

• To establish that you do not address airway or breathing issues.