2024 – Unattended Death

by | Jan 1, 2024

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Instructional Goal

After this unit of instruction, the Correctional Officer shall respond in a manner consistent with established policy upon notification or discovery of a suspicious death of a prisoner.



After this unit of instruction, the student will be able to:

9.6.1   List the three classifications of prisoner death

9.6.2   List the exceptions where life saving measures shall not be initiated.

9.6.3   List the steps necessary to follow upon the initial discovery of a suspected death of an inmate.

9.6.4   Explain the process to be followed to protect the scene of a suspected death of an inmate.

9.6.5   List the chain of command to be notified in the case of a suspected death

9.6.6   Explain the process of dealing with a death of an inmate at a hospital/nursing home or under any other circumstances i.e., while on furlough, supervised community confinement, work release, off-grounds work crew.