7.06 MLEAP 2022: Miranda – The Constitutional Implications Of Custodial Interrogation

by | Jan 1, 2022

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MLEAP Level Two Training: 7.06 Miranda Warning (E) The Agency trains its sworn personnel in the use of the Miranda Warnings according to current law.

Instructional Goal

This mini lesson covers the basics of the Supreme Court’s decision that prohibited a suspect’s statements from being used as evidence unless the suspect has been advised of his or her rights to remain silent. Students learn about the 5th Amendment right against coerced confessions and the 6th Amendment right to a lawyer, and how the right to a lawyer is essential to guarantee the right to silence. 


  1. Overview of Miranda v. Arizona case.
  2. What Miranda is and when it is required and the consequences of not providing a Miranda warning.
  3. Overview of the Fifth and Sixth Amendment relating to Miranda.
  4. When Miranda Rights are required to be given to an individual.
  5. Definition of custody.
  6. Miranda and how it relates to Juveniles.
  7. Understanding the difference between custody and not in custody 
  8. Definition of interrogation, admissions, and volunteered statements.
  9. Special considerations when Miranda is not required.
  10. Understanding what and when an individual waives his right to Miranda.