7.15 MLEAP 2022: Vehicle Pursuits

by | Jan 1, 2022

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MLEAP Standard  7.15 Vehicle Pursuits The Agency has a written directive for vehicle pursuits and trains appropriate personnel in the pursuit policy annually. The written directive includes:

  1. The criteria for initiating a pursuit,
  2. The method of conducting a pursuit,
  3. The appropriate personnel authorized to conduct a pursuit,
  4. The supervision of a pursuit,
  5. The requirements for terminating vehicle pursuits,

Instructional Goal

The goal of this course is for an officer to identify factors to consider when engaging in pursuit driving or emergency response driving, meeting MLEAP Standard 7.15 Vehicle Pursuits.

Performance Objectives

  1. To understand the criteria for initiating a pursuit.
  2. To understand the method of conducting a pursuit.
  3. To know the appropriate personnel authorized to conduct a pursuit.
  4. To explain a supervisor’s role and responsibilities during a pursuit.
  5. To explain what factors should be considered when terminating vehicle pursuits.