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2019 – Critical Thinking in Law Enforcement

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This training is based upon, and consistent with: MCJA 2019 Mandatory Lesson Plan: Critical Thinking in Law Enforcement

Instructional Goal 

It is vitally important for law enforcement officers to be objective when dealing with any given situation. By thinking critically about the facts before them, officers can avoid making errors in judgement about the situation. Utilizing critical thinking techniques allows for decision making, not allowing previous experiences, biases, shortcuts, or rationalizing inappropriate actions to get in the way of a possible better outcome for the call for service they are handling. 

Performance Objectives

1.1.1 Define critical thinking as it relates to Law Enforcement. 

1.1.2 Identify three benefits of critical thinking.

1.1.3 List three influences that affect critical thinking.

1.1.4 Identify 5 obstacles to critical thinking.

1.1.5 List the 4 components of Emotional Intelligence.

1.1.6 Explain the relationship between stress and Critical Thinking ability.

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