MCJA LEPS Phase One: Cultural Diversity (Class 14 of 21)

by | Jun 3, 2022

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Instructional Goal:

Law enforcement officers live and work in multicultural communities and must be able to effectively interact with all kinds of people.  Officers must be prepared to proactively become aware of cultural differences, in order to support positive communications.  Officers must also be prepared to examine their own personal biases and prejudices, so that they do not result in discriminatory behaviors.  Officers are bound by law enforcement ethics, professionalism, and civil rights law, to conduct their duties in an impartial manner.

Performance Objectives:

At the end of this unit of instruction, the student will be able to accomplish the following objectives as outlined in the lesson:

X.X.1 Identify the benefits of cultural awareness to officers, law enforcement agencies, and communities. 

X.X.2 Define Cultural Diversity Key Terms

X.X.3 Identify at least three examples of how the context of culture improves officer communication with individuals from various cultures.

X.X.4  Identify the forms of possible discriminatory behavior by a law enforcement officer.

X.X.5 Identify the strategies to overcome cross cultural communication barriers.

X.X.6  Identify strategies officers can employ to improve law enforcement in multicultural communities.

X.X.7  Identify terms related to types of residents in a multicultural community.

X.X.8  Identify the context of culture for multiple specific cultural groups.