Standard Operating Procedure Policy Development & Consultation

Dirigo Safety understands that policy development is a daunting task and very time-consuming. Policies and Standard Operating Procedures are instrumental in law enforcement operations, risk management, and personnel oversight. The policies we offer have been through an extensive vetting process by our Policy Development Team:

  • Scot Mattox, Esq. Chief Executive Officer of Dirigo Safety, LLC
  • Shawn O’Leary Ret. Chief of Police, Executive Vice President of Dirigo Safety, LLC
  • Brian MacMaster, Law Enforcement Consultant
  • Bruce Boucher Ret. Chief of Police, Law Enforcement Consultant
  • Michael A. Cunniff Esq., Adjunct Instructor 
  • Honorable John David Kennedy (Ret.), Adjunct Instructor 

What We Can Do for Your Agency

We provide law enforcement administrators with consultation in a variety of policy matters, including the development of affordable Standard Operation Procedures specific to the customer agency. Through this service, we review and update all mandatory policies set forth by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy specific to the target department, as well as a selection of non-mandatory and workplace compliance policies. Finally, for those agencies that are interested in MLEAP, our policies have incorporated most of the standards, which make accreditation easier to accomplish

Our current policy library consists of over 75 policies and is constantly growing to meet today’s complex and ever-changing law enforcement challenges.

Maine Agencies

  • Bath Police Department
  • Brewer Police Department
  • Bridgton Police Department
  • Cape Elizabeth Police Department
  • Clinton Police Department
  • Eliot Police Department
  • Fairfield Police Department
  • Kennebunk Police Department
  • Kittery Police Department
  • Hancock County Sheriffs Office
  • Holden Police Department
  • Pittsfield Police Department
  • Oakland Police Department
  • Old Orchard Beach Police Department
  • Oxford County Sheriffs Office 
  • Sagadahoc Sheriffs Office
  • South Berwick Police Department
  • Somerset County Sheriff’s Office
  • Winthrop Police Department
  • Waldoboro Police Department
  • York County Sheriffs Office

New Hampshire Agencies

  • Alstead Police Department 
  • Walpole Police Department