2021 – Ethics in Law Enforcement: Career Training Survival

by | Jan 14, 2021

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The Law Enforcement Code of Ethics lays out the classic set of expectations that law enforcement officers demonstrate a high level of ethical behavior and decision-making.  Officers must self-regulate their conduct daily, as a leadership and personal responsibility issue, and one of career and personal survival.

Instructional Objective

Define: Ethics; Values; Integrity and Professionalism.

Identify the key components of the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics and the Oath of Honor.

Identify the negative consequences to officers and others that can result from  unethical decisions.

Identify common situations that provide law enforcement officers the opportunity to demonstrate their integrity and use decision-making tools to make ethical decisions in those situations.

 Identify factors that support officer integrity.

This class has been vetted by the New Hampshire Police Standards & Training Council.

Updated: 3/17/2021