2021 – MCJA Mandatory: Investigation of Electronic Evidence

by | Mar 23, 2021

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This training is based upon, and consistent with: MCJA 2021 Mandatory Training Lesson Plan. Specific legal questions should be directed to the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit, and or the Maine Office of the Attorney General.

Instructional Goal

The purpose of this unit of instruction is to provide basic understanding of considerations surrounding digital evidence, and procedures that represent current best-practice as it relates to examination and collection of that evidence.

Course Objective:

  1. Define electronic or “digital” evidence.
  2. Identify 3 crimes that could have an electronic evidence component.
  3. Identify 3 types of devices that could contain electronic evidence.
  4. Define 5 common terms related to electronic evidence cases.
  5. Identify the importance of electronic evidence in criminal cases.
  6. Identify critical search and seizure considerations related to electronic evidence.
  7. Identify the preferred method for seizing evidence in cases with electronic evidence.
  8. Identify the appropriate process for seizing different devices that may contain electronic evidence.
  9. Identify specific investigative considerations for cases involving electronic evidence.
  10. List 3 resources available to assist an officer with cases involving electronic evidence.