7.20 MLEAP: Roadblocks

by | Jun 22, 2021

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MLEAP Level 2 Training

7.20 Roadblocks

If the Agency authorizes the use of roadblocks during pursuits, it has written directives and trains appropriate personnel in the use of roadblocks, including when and how roadblocks may be used. Stop sticks or road spikes are not considered roadblocks.

Course Description

This course provides the basic concepts, guidelines, and requirements when law enforcement personnel use roadblocks. This course meets Level 2 MLEAP training requirements.

Performance Objectives

  1. Explain the definitions of Roadblocks, and PIT Maneuver.
  2. Describe the four purposes of roadblocks in Maine.
  3. Evaluate when to initiate a roadblock.
  4. Explain the factors to considering a roadblock.
  5. Demonstrate understanding of the guidelines of establishing a roadblock.
  6. Evaluate how to select a location when establishing a roadblock.
  7. Describe the legal considerations for roadblocks.